About Us

Biggar Stitches is the business of best friends Kim and Debbie. Kim has been sewing since at school in the eighties. She started out by making clothes for herself and for others to include wedding, bridesmaid and christening dresses, and also curtains and cushions. She was introduced to quilting and patchworking in 2008 when recovering from a life-changing operation, and it was at that point that starting a quilting and sewing business became a dream, and that dream became a reality at the end of 2014 when she was made redundant from the banking industry. Debbie soon became a regular customer of fabric when the first shop opened in 2015 and also became one of the first members of the town’s quilting group of which Kim was a co-founder during the same year.  Debbie took to quilting like the proverbial duck to water and hasn’t stopped since.  She was initially asked by Kim if she’d be interested in working part-time in the shop and a couple of years later asked her to come a business partner. Fast forward to today – the start of 2021 – after a dreadful year for everyone Biggar Stitches has now relocated the shop to what will be commonly referred to as the ‘cottage shop’, with Kim and Debbie having renewed energy, passion and enthusiasm to focus on their website and social media. So that’s about it on Biggar Stitches.  Grab a cuppa, sit back and start browsing the website and select new fabulous fabrics for your next quilting project.  As soon as you’re allowed to, the door to the ‘cottage shop’ will open to customers when and where your fingertips will just want to glide across the fabric bolts. A big quilting hug from Kim & Debbie, xxx