Project Linus UK

Biggar Stitches is proud to support our charity partner Project Linus UK.


Project Linus UK Logo

Project Linus UK is a volunteer organisation that provides comfort and a feeling of security to sick or traumatised babies, children and teenagers by providing new, homemade quilts and blankets that have been sewn, knitted or crocheted by volunteers across the UK. The charity provides the opportunity for people interested in sewing and quilt making to contribute to their local community and help those in need.

The idea originated in America in 1995, when the founder Karen Loucks read a news article that highlighted the benefits of a comfort blanket to children suffering with cancer. Since then, the project has delivered over 4 million blankets and quilts worldwide!

Project Linus UK has a large network of volunteers across the country who donate their time and quilt making skills to support sick, disabled or disadvantaged children in the UK.

How can we help?

We can help by providing children with tangible evidence that someone cares, along with the physical reassurance that comes with being snuggled up in a quilt. The project delivers quilts and blankets to children who are local to the makers.


You can help by making a quilt or a blanket either individually or as a group, and donate them to Project Linus UK.


You can help by donating supplies such as threads, cotton fabric, wadding, fleece, baby wool, or even office supplies such as envelopes, paper or stamps.

Help with postage is particularly useful because posting the items is one of the largest expenses.


You can also help by spreading the word about this very worthy charity. More information can be found at the website –, and you can find out how you can get involved here.

As a charity partner, Biggar Stitches will be continually donating supplies, making quilts and blankets as well as using our position as a fabric and quilting retailer to help spread the word. We are delighted to support this very worthy cause and hope that with some hard work, we can help make a difference to sick, disabled or disadvantaged children in the UK.

Project Linus UK is a 100% voluntary, non-profit making organisation.