Lent: Giving up on procrastination

This is my first time blogging, not just the first time for my new venture of Biggar Stitches but the first time ever… on any subject… so please bear with me. Writing this reminds me of the first time you try a new sewing machine – you know, it takes a few test strips of fabric from one’s stash to make sure the bobbin and stitch tensions are ok. So as a fellow quilter and sewer, I respectfully request your patience and again ask you to bear with me as I get the ‘tension’ right!

I’m writing this a day before the start of Lent, and I’m groaning at the thought of having to give up something for 44 days. But then it immediately occurred to me that I shouldn’t think of it as a negative thing… it’s not always a bad thing to give something up. I’ve decided on giving up on the act of procrastination – the definition being the action of delaying or postponing or putting off something – and I hope to continue giving this up way beyond the period of Lent. Let me explain… whether I’m reading one of my many colourful and inspiring books on quilting, I can always hear myself oohing and ahhing over the designs and saying something to the effect of “I’d love to make that” or “I’m going to give that technique a try” but then I never follow through. I just end up reading more books, mentally tagging more pages of designs and the list of ‘I’ll have a go’ projects just grows and grows. Anyone else out there who does this? So the positive spin on giving up something means that I now must quilt, quilt and quilt for the next 44 days (and beyond) – so how is that a bad thing and how dare I groan at the thought of Lent.

If you’ve kept reading this to the very end then I thank you kindly. Please bookmark me, add me to your favourites and check back frequently to see how I’m doing. And I wish you best wishes and good luck if you’re giving up something too.

Big hugs
Kim x

(Did I mention that I’m a hugger?)

Kim Higgins